The Photo Crew supports your event

The Photo Crew is a team with very passionate event photographers. We deliver high quality images for events, festivals, artists, bands and party’s.

We are crazy about events, festivals and the clubscene. Our business runs nearly 24/7 with capturing the best party’s and artists.  And as hard we work on your event the more effort we put in selecting and editing the images. The Photo Crew works only with very experienced and professional photographers who understands the needs of our clients. We’ve selected our team by picture quality, eye for detail, service and a friendly personality.

Our team knows that photographing an event is not ‘just taking some nice pictures’ but it’s all about ‘visual storytelling’. We can photograph your event from start to finish and show your audience the most captivating moments of the day.
With a strong focus on emotion, interaction and details of an event we distinguish ourselves  from the amateur and starting photographers,as shown on our portfoliopage and social media accounts.
So are you looking  for  profesional content creators to strengten your marketing communications? Be sure to have The Photo Crew on your event!

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We can photograph your:

  • Clubparty
  • Dance event
  •  Festival
  • PR event
  • Live concert
  • Fair
  • Business & network event
  •  Birthday
  •  Weddingcermonie & party


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